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In an early scene in Every Last Word, AJ Olsen steps onto the Poet’s Corner stage with his acoustic guitar and plays a song he wrote called So Long, Lazy Ray.

This is that song. has the full story here.

“So Long, Lazy Ray” •  Performed by Henry Hodder. Music and lyrics by Joe Rut.


anything but empty

This is the main Every Last Word playlist, but I think of it as more of a soundtrack — each song matches up in order to key scenes in the novel.

This three-word title was taken from Brave by Sarah Bareilles, a song about learning to be brave with your words and speak your mind, even when your voice shakes. I especially love the line, “Let your words be anything but empty.”

For more of my thoughts on this playlist, check out my interview in Justine Magazine.


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song for you

With AJ on her mind, Sam makes this acoustic guitar playlist. I think you’ll like the scene where AJ figures out it’s for him.

This three-word playlist title is taken from Alexi Murdoch’s Song for You


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right beside you

Sam makes this playlist for Caroline to try to capture what their friendship means to her. She takes its three-word title from these lyrics in Run by Snow Patrol:

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice.
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I’ll be right beside you dear.

Every song on this playlist was released between 2003-2007, but only Every Last Word readers know why. (I’m not telling.)

rightbesideyou final

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in the deep

This playlist is special. It was created by C, the real-life teen who inspired me to write Every Last Word. As you’ll see, she has excellent taste in music.

In her words:

“The In the Deep playlist is made up of 25 songs that have spoken to me at different and important times in my life. Their lyricism and melodies have accompanied many crying jags, road trips, and late night thinking sessions. I would love to share a few of their stories with you.” Continue reading HERE.

In Every Last Word, music and water help Sam quiet her mind. The In the Deep playlist is titled after Florence + The Machine’s Never Let Me Gobecause both C and I loved these lines:

And it’s peaceful in the deep
Cathedral where you cannot breathe
No need to pray, no need to speak
Now I am under all.

inthedeep final

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Why three-word playlist titles? I’ll let Sam explain:




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