U.S. Edition Contest Winner!

I’ve recently given away Spanish and UK editions, and now it’s time to announce the winner of the Goodreads contest in the U.S. and Canada! More than 1,600 people entered (wow! really?!?), but only one can win. And that winner is:

Tanya of Friendswood, Texas!

Congratulations, Tanya. A signed copy of Time Between Us is on its way to you.


Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! If you’d like to try again, check out the contest JeanBookNerd is currently running on her site! She’s giving away a signed book, a CD with Anna & Bennett’s playlists, bookmarks, and stickers! Enter to win here.





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2 Responses to “U.S. Edition Contest Winner!”

  1. isabella says:

    hi! im am a younge girl and i am reading time bettween us im loving it its the best book ive read in a bit now……..well i just wanted to ask if there is going to be another one i will be there to bye it if is i love it thx bye