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Clueless meets Dead Poets Society with a whopping final twist.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“This tender novel shows how powerful and helpful the brain can be under stress without being clinical or detached. This book is highly recommended.” (read full review)

— VOYA Magazine


“A riveting story of love, true friendship, self-doubt and self-confidence, overcoming obstacles, and truly finding oneself. Sam’s story is so needed for all teens battling demons and overcoming them by confronting them head on.”

Melanie Koss, Professor of YA Literature, Northern Illinois University

“Tamara Ireland Stone has delivered a brilliant and moving story about finding your voice, the power of words, and true friendship. I couldn’t put it down until I devoured every last word.”

Elizabeth Eulberg, author of The Lonely Hearts Club and We Can Work It Out

“Tamara Ireland Stone’s Every Last Word is brilliant, beautiful, and brave. It’s the story of Sam, a girl who’s just trying to figure out where she belongs. What happens is magical. Sam not only finds her tribe, she realizes there are people who love and accept you — love and accept every bit of you, even the messy parts — and most importantly, she discovers her own voice. It’s everything you’re looking for n a novel! I can’t wait for my readers to get their hands on this book. They’ll fall in love, just like I did.”

— Kathleen Caldwell, A Great Good Place for Books

“In Every Last Word, novelist Tamara Ireland Stone has written a poignant and engaging story of hope and inspiration for any young person suffering with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a potentially life-altering condition that strikes most people in childhood. With compassion and clarity, the author describes both the condition and the burden teens with OCD experience. Whether young readers suffer from OCD or not, they will find something—and perhaps many things—in this story to engage and entertain them, from the first page to the last. This is a story of transcendence and the power of the human spirit.”

Michael A. Tompkins, Ph.D.

‘Tamara Ireland Stone has created characters to love and a story to break your heart. Readers will want to turn page after page and read every last word. Then do it all over again.”

– Marianne Crandall Follis, Ph.D., Texas Library Association
Tayshas Selection Committee, American Library Association

“Samantha is a wonderful character. It is fascinating to watch how her differences actually allow her to blossom into an amazing young adult, using poetry and friendship as a way to feel connected, loved, and more ‘normal.’  Having worked with teens with OCD, I find this story to be a great tool to empower and comfort teens who experience some form of mental illness. I will share this book with my clients who suffer from OCD and even for those that don’t. It is an amazing read.”

— Karen Blesius Rhodes, LCSW 

“With characters and a story so real, Every Last Word reads like a true account — romantic, relatable, unpredictable, and so very enjoyable. I’m amazed that a novel so entertaining is also so enlightening about what it’s like living with OCD. This important story must be made into a movie.”

— Arnold Shapiro, Oscar & Emmy-winning Producer
of Scared Straight! Rescue 911 and MTV’s If You Really Knew Me 

Every Last Word bubbles with teenage struggles we can all relate to, but it takes us on a psychological journey through the particular angst of a girl named Sam. Sam’s brilliance is revealed in her imagination and hope as she navigates her way through her worried mind. Stone creates a fast-paced drama that will inspire us all!”

Dr. Marianna Eraklis, MD

“Stone’s latest sticks with you long after you reluctantly put the book down. The characters resonate, the story takes you to unexpected places, and the message rings true. We are not alone. We are not perfect. We could all use a little poetry in our lives.”

— Kristin Rasmussen, Library Technician and @Books4Kids (Instagram)


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