September, 2012

Review: Booklist


I’m thrilled with this review from Booklist:



“The story will hold readers with its twists and turns, present and future; its love, sadness, and anger; and especially, its surprising secrets.”

Author: Stone, Tamara Ireland

ISBN: 9781423159568

Mystery and time travel blend with romance in this exciting debut novel. In suburban Chicago in 1995, 16-year-old Anna feels stuck at home, so she is excited to meet cute new student Bennett while running track. But what is he hiding? Is he a stalker? It turns out that he is from a time 17 years in the future, and he tells her about 2012 (including the wonder of cell phones). Bennett has the ability to disappear and reappear, and he can make others do the same. Even more astonishing is his power to “do over” anything that happens, and when Anna’s best friend, Emma, is severely injured in a car accident, Anna makes Bennett go back and erase the tragedy. But then Emma gets close with gorgeous Justin, whom Anna has always wanted to date. Can she erase that, too? Told in Anna’s authentic, first-person, present-tense voice, the story will hold readers with its twists and turns, present and future; its love, sadness, and anger; and especially, its surprising secrets. — Hazel Rochman


Thank you, Hazel and Booklist!


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Thank You.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has read Time Between Us. In less than two weeks, it will be out on shelves and available to anyone who wants to read it, but for the last few months it has been in the hands of some pretty discerning readers: librarians, bookstore owners, bloggers, reviewers, authors, and a bunch of other people in the inner circle of the young adult fiction community.

I’m so honored when someone takes the time to read my story, and even more honored when they take the time to share a few words about their experience. If you liked it, thank you for saying so and for helping to spread the word. If you didn’t, thank you for sharing your thoughts with class and respect for this writer. I feel truly blessed to be part of this community, and I’m so grateful to everyone who has let me share this story with them so far.

Thank you, Readers!


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The Winner!

For the last two weeks, I’ve been celebrating the final hardcover of Time Between Us with a contest to give away these three books: Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr, Miracle by Elizabeth Scott, and Time Between Us. The books have been hanging out together and having lots of fun, and they’re thrilled to learn about their new home!

Which will be on the bookshelf of:

Ashland, Oregon

Desiree, these three books are on their way to you:

I hope you enjoy them.

More than 2,000 people entered the Goodreads contest, which is… wow… just incredible. A huge thank you to everyone who entered.

More contests coming, so keep watching for your chance to win!

Congratulations again, Desiree, and happy reading, everyone!


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Dual Launchiness!

Ingrid Paulson and I have a lot in common:
* We’re both debut young adult authors
* We share a launch date for our debut novels: OCTOBER 9th
* We both live in the San Francisco Bay Area
* Our books both feature strong girls who are standing in front of their boys on our covers. See:



* So, naturally, we’re teaming up to launch our books together!



And, we both want to send you signed, finished copies of TIME BETWEEN US and VALKYRIE RISING!

Will you help us spread the word about our launch party? 

Here’s all you need to do:


That’s it! One winner will be selected from the Facebook entries and one from Twitter. Do both, and you’ll have two chances to win!

Winner will be announced at the launch party on 10/9, but does NOT need to be present to win. Contest is open internationally.

And this is only the first wave of the fabulous prizes we have in store to celebrate our launch, so keep your eyes on the two of us!


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If I Could, I Would…


I got to write one more check to yet another amazing band.

The members of Phish were kind enough to let me use the lyrics from their song, If I Could, in the pages of Time Between Us, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Here’s the story.

I’m inspired by music, and when I’m writing, I need songs that help me escape my real world and completely engulf me in another one. When I first started writing Time Between Us, I had this really long playlist. Well, actually it wasn’t a “playlist”, it was just every song I own that came out between 1991 and 1995. Which turned out to be a lot of songs.

When my husband, Mike, and I first moved in together we did the obligatry “combining of the music” thing, and we had more than 800 CDs between us. A few years ago, we took turns ripping them into a digital library and got to experience our old music all over again, and realized we’re kind of junkies.

But I digress…

So I had a bunch of music on my iPod — all the stuff Anna, a high school junior in 1995, might have had in her own CD collection — and when I was writing, or in the car by myself, or at the gym, I would put it on random shuffle and listen to see what songs jumped out at me. Every once in a while, one would. And sometimes it would hit me so hard, I’d have to stop whatever I was doing and just listen to the lyrics. Nightingale Song was one of those moments. Anna Begins was another. If I Could might have been the biggest.

Take me to another place, she said.

Take me to another time.

My ears perked up.

Stay with me ’til time turns over.

I want to feel my feet leave the ground.

I pulled the car over.

Hear you laughing as we go…


I knew the song. I hadn’t heard it in years. But oh my gosh, could there be a more perfect song for Anna and Bennett?

And it matched the scene I’d been working on! I wove in some of the lyrics from If I Could, knowing that I might need to take them out if I couldn’t get permission to use them. But as with Pearl Jam’s Corduroy lyrics, once they were in the story, I couldn’t imagine that particular scene without them.

Also, like Pearl Jam, Phish was another perfect fit for my story for more personal reasons. My husband, Mike, introduced me to them when we were first dating and this album completely reminds me of those early days with my adorable, new, music-loving boyfriend. He used to make me mixtapes and he’d paint the paper covers with watercolors. Those of you who’ve read Time Between Us will totally get that.

Thank you, Phish, for writing this beautiful song, and for allowing me to use your words in my little story. They absolutely make the moment for me, and I hope they do for readers as well.

To see the songs that ended up on that final playlist, check out Anna’s shelf HERE.



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